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Opening its doors in 2004, STK Photo - LA is located in the heart of the Jewelry District of Los Angeles, surrounded by precious stones, metals traders, master jewelry designers and manufacturers. Working with masters of the trade, we have built the expertise necessary to reveal and bring forward the best in every item we photograph.


With talented employees, a professional studio environment using professional grade equipment and advanced software technology, STK has the capabilities required for the not so simple task of catching the perfect light, color and sharpness in our customers' product.


STK also has a talented team of editors allowing us to provide a 24-hour turnaround time on most orders of various sizes and resolutions. Depending on the needs of our clients this could range from raw images and clipping paths to fully edited photos for e-commerce, promotional fliers, catalogs, magazine ads, or posters.


Having said that, we would like to add that we are having fun here, being able to meet people of different origins, cultures, traditions, continents, and nationalities. It's LA after all.

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